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Prime Carpet Cleaning

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Welcome to Prime Carpet Cleaning

We love what we do and we do it right!

Prime-Clean provides the most superior carpet cleaning has to offer,

leaving your carpets Beautiful, Clean, Healthy and most importantly

Safe for your Family and Pets.

We use a top of the range rinse/extraction machine which produces amazing results in less time than other machines available on the market. The water extraction will clean your carpets deeper than shampooing and dry cleaning which only clean the surface of the carpet. Results will last much longer and no chemicals remain in the carpets. Due to the efficiency of the machine the carpets are cleaner and dryer in less time, minimising disruption to yourself.

Before any cleaning work is carried out, our operator will carefully inspect your carpet to determine the type of your carpet and overall condition - spots, stains and soiling. This will allow to choose the most appropriate and effective cleaning chemicals and cleaning techniques.

Step by Step Carpet Cleaning

Step 1 - Moving/Removing furniture to access all areas.

 Step 2 - Dry soil extraction - vacuum cleaning which will

 remove dust, dry soil, hair and allergens from carpets.

             Step 3 - Stain Treatment/Removal - types of stains we will treat

   are adhesive, beverage, blood, blue tack, browning and

   yellowing stains, grease, wax, chewing gum, food, paint,

ink, permanent markers, draught marks, mud,

pet stains, rust, soot, tar, etc.

       Step 4 -  Pre-spray whole carpet using appropriate, highest

   quality carpet cleaning chemical mix, which will not only

         help to remove all the dirt, but also disinfect and neutralise

 all the unwanted odours.

Step 5 - CRB Contra-rotating brush agitation, which will 

agitate all the fibres and help distribute cleaning

             chemical deeper in the carpet pile for much better cleaning.

            Step 6 - Rinsing/Extraction - will use clean hot water to extract

           dirt together with chemicals to leave carpet fresh, chemical

free and safe for your family and pets.​

Please click to see our short carpet cleaning video

We provide carpet cleaning service to both residential and commercial customers throughout central Scotland. Our high-quality service is always performed by fully trained and certified operator which has allowed us to become the first choice to many local residents and business owners in Stirling, Dunblane, Falkirk and across Central Scotland.

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Prime-Clean Carpet Cleaning Certificate
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stair carpet cleaning
stair carpet cleaning

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carpet cleaner Edinburgh

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stair carpet cleaning

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